A notebook of using AWS EC2

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[edit] A notebook of using AWS EC2

[edit] Prerequisites for this notebook

    • A decent linux box with administrative access
    • Skilled to work with linux and ssh, and a basic understanding of internet and web services.
    • An email account

When you read this notebook, you will be a user of Amazon's web services and will be using your own operating system platform to run your applicaion services in a SOA approach.

[edit] Get the account

This describes the procedure using a personal account. Amazon also offers corporate accounts.

  1. Go to [Amazon web site]
  2. Select 'See all 40 Product Categories'
  3. Follow 'for Developers Amazon Web Services'
  4. Follow 'Create your free Amazon Web Services account'
  5. Enter your email address, select 'No, I am a new customer', then select 'Sign in ...'
  6. Enter your name, re-enter your email address, enter a good password twice, then 'Continue'
  7. Select 'See all 40 Product Categories'
  8. Follow 'for Developers Amazon Web Services'
  9. many steps to follow to get sign up for S3 and EC2

[edit] Validate

You just created a free Amazon Account and signed up for the Amazon Web Services EC2 and S3. To validate your account, you can do the following:

  1. Restart your browser
  2. Go to [Amazon Web Services web site]
  3. If you saved your user credentials into the browsers memory, then you should see your name
  4. Hover over 'My Web Services Account' and select 'Account Activity'
  5. If you see both S3 and EC2 positions listed, you successfully created your account and subscribed to the S3 and EC2 web services

[edit] Prepare your environment

  1. Download the API tools installation file. As of april 2007, these are 7.8 MB.
  2. unzip the downloaded file.
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