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[edit] laptop description

I want to emphasize the following features:

  • + The special button for volume, mute, and power look prettier arranged.
  • + The ambient sensor is something new and it works and provides more comfort.
  • + There is a total of 4 USB plugs, which is one more compared to my old D800, which is good.
  • + Again compared to my old D800, this one is significantly better for everyday transport, and the slightly smaller screen and resolution does not hurt too much.
  •  ? The WiFi Catcher is a nice gadget, but I do not know where it adds a benefit.
  • -- VGA Plug: This is so yesterday, I would expect a HDMI plug.

[edit] Hardware

Further I disabled several components, as I do not use them:

  • No optical drive, which would fit into the Dell Mediabay, which uses an IDE/Parallel ATA connection.
  • In the BIOS, disabled booting from Ethernet capability
  • Disabled serial adapter in the BIOS
  • Disabled Firewire in the kernel
  • Disabled the Softmodem

[edit] Features

[edit] Operating System

Linux is the operating system software installed on my D630.

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