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[edit] Development

iPhone Development

[edit] Why

  • To share the same mobile phone model with my partner, making both happy
  • Reduce number of always on gadgets (Merge music and phone and data storage)
  • Push occasional items into always on
    • personal navigation
    • video and photo
  • Easy communication (Eradication of cradles through WiFi)

[edit] Shopping list

  • Two 8 GB iPhones, black, together with a decent network operator plan
  • Charging demand
    • Travel charger
    • two chargers for home, two for work, one for the car, one for germany / parent's place
  • GPS and navigation software add on
  • Two decent stereo bluetooth headsets

[edit] Wait

Apple is so mean to announce such a kit way in advance.

[edit] additional software on the phone

  • SSH client?
  • VNC client?

[edit] Questions

  • Will UK network operators offer decent special packages with phone and plan?
  • GPS and navigation software add on?
  • Flickr and Youtube integration?
  • Semapedia integration?
  • Integration with Yahoo mail, contacts, and calendar?
  • Can I retire my 4 year old Ixus 330 (3.1 Megapixel, 3x optical zoom) for my typical use?
  • Will WiFi sync at home work without spending ages pressing buttons?
  • How to synchronise music using Linux / OpenSuse 10.2?
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