My Dell Latitude D800

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My Dell Latitude D800

Running OpenSuse 10.2

Grphics adapter: nVidia Corporation NV28 [GeForce4 Ti 4200 Go AGP 8x] (rev a1)

lspci -n|grep "Class 0300"<BR> 01:00.0 Class 0300: 10de:0286 (rev a1)

lsmod|grep agp<BR> intel_agp 27804 1<BR> agpgart 35528 2 nvidia,intel_agp


Shame on NVIDIA not to find a true OSS solution.

3D support

I want to utilize the three dimensional rendering capabilities of the graphics adaper. So currently I use the proprietary nvidia software.

What I miss at present:

  • The nvidia software displays a nvidia logo when the display service starts. I never asked for this logo and would rather prefer no logo displayed.
  • The suspend function does not work when the nvidia software is used. I want to use the suspend function.
  • The driver is not automatically updated
  • fancy stuff: want to activate NV-GLX

Suspend to disk

I am used to suspend to disk, and prefer this method.

  • See opensuse suspend with nvidia software

After applying the simple instructions, suspend works beautiful. I am amazed. Question to ask is why it was not possible for the nvidia and OpenSuse team to implement this instruction into the automated installation, or into a simple to follow non command line experience.

Also I applied: In /etc/pm/config set S2RAM_OPTS="-f" also found in the instructions, even I typically do not use suspend to RAM.

Automatic driver update

Register an additional installation source.

activate NV-GLX

see OpenSuse documentation. Applied the changes. Benefit is unknown.

Installation sources

The installation sources dialog of yast2 is rubbish. Given the wish to simply view the list of sources, or to add another installation source depends on this dialog first to actively scan the existing installation sources. Not only is this a time consuming and traffic generating annoyance, but the flickering appearance of showing distinct progress windows on each loaded file and other minor steps is an irritating user experience. Also if an installation source is not available, it take ages to give the user an opportunity to skip or cancel.


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