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  • Hardware spec
    • 1.83 GHz Intel Core 2 CPU
    • 2 GB of DDR667 RAM
    •  ??? GB harddisk
    • DVD dual layer drive
  • Hardware setup
    • Connected to the home network using the copper GBit ethernet plug
    • Connected display of My Samsung M42P, 24", 1920x1200, speakers - using DVI
    • Connected speakers of My Samsung M42P, 24", 1920x1200, speakers - using a 3,5mm male-male audio cable
    • Connected to broadcasting using a ... digital freeview adapter using one USB plug
    • Connected to my input using the wireless - bluetooth - Mac keyboard - UK layout - and mighty mice using wireless bluetooth
    • Connected to My HP 3055 multifunction printer using one USB plug
    • Connected to [[My Plantronics ... ] stereo headset using wireless bluetooth
    • Connected to My iSight web camera using one USB plug
    • Connected to a USB hub. USB hubs connects to
    • Connected to Mac mini power adapter
  • Additional software
  • initial set up experience
    • My previous keyboard, Logitech MX 5000 had a completely different typing feeling
    • The sett up screens simply nice and easy
    • It disturbed me that there was no option for network time service
    • Just learned that tab to next word is not CTRL-Rightarrow, but Alt-Rightarrow
    • Started using the device by inserting a movie, Pirates of the Carribean

Sadly did not find an easy way initially to switch to window mode, away from full screen.

Found the Apple-menu > Benutzte Objekte (yes I set up my user interface language to german) > DVD player.

Finally it worked this way, by continuing the movie, then double clicking into the playback.

    • The mouse does not accelerate which is a small pain on 1920x1200, on the other hand the mousewheel is too fast. Sure there are settings at some place in the system ...

So the icon bar has Systemeinstellungen, where the mice settings are right available to fix the issue.

    • I decided if the system does not ask me for a system update, I go and check myself.

Found the Apple-menu > Software-Aktualisierungen...

Selected, and the system told me to update 11 items witha total of maybe 700 MB, and asking some annoying agreement questions.

    • Somewhere previously I already downloaded firefox, and learned about a nasty sequence of dmg file handling. But it worked.
    • Also when I started iTunes, searching for a way to play my dvd, the software asked for an online update, which I agreed and learned another software packaging, mpgk or so.
    • Now the 11 objects downloaded, and this software and system requests the first reboot from me.
    • Actually after reboot the software asks we with no alternative given to shutdown, hold the power key doe update the firmware. Nice for an item purchased 4 hours ago.

The procedure also left out that the inserted DVD gets ejected. The update procedure then takes maybe a minute with a progress bar. So this is effectively the second reboot required.

    • Really annoying is, that I had to manually invoke, with no hint from the system, three times the software update function, each time new updates popping up, and each time a reboot required.
    • To install open office, the installer asked me manually to install Mac OS optional package for X-Windows.
    • To display some of my videos I had to manually install the divx codec, the video tools associated with .avi files by default only said 'I have a problem' but did not said what codec it was looking for.
    • Installed skype
    • Learned yesterday what the dmp files mean, and in particular their windows with the app icon and a folder icon. You have to drag and drop the application icon to put the software out pf the dmg file, and you are recommended to put it in the indicated drop folder
    • Just learned after trying many times since yesterday, that Apple-key plus arrow key gives beginning and end of line
    • EyeTV is a lengthy install, though it found 4 times the channel compared to my old digital freeview tuner
    • Obviously it found an update just after installing the who software, so another 40 MB and waiting time, and user interface.
    • The TVTV service required just another identity on the internet, not able to share an existing identity.
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