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[edit] My iPhone

First iPhone: iPhone 8 GB

I look forward to get an iPhone 3G 16 GB

I do not jailbreak the phone(s), though it is tempting when being abroad, as roaming prices are unreasonable high.

[edit] Upgrade from iPhone 8GB to iPhone 3G 16GB black

This happened in United Kingdom.

Bought the new iPhone at Carphone Warehouse in Oxford Street in London on 1st August 2008.

On a Windows Vista computer, updated to iTunes 7.7.1.

vista and itunes, this stuff still dares to ask for a system restart. so the monkey presses the button.

Connected the old iPhone to the computer, allowed itunes to settle down with syncing.

Transferred purchases from the phone to itunes.

Making sure the phone data has been backed up by itunes.

Update all phone applications using itunes. First transfer purchases from the phone to itunes. Then in itunes select to download all application updates, then in the store menu select searching for existing purchses, then select again to download all application updates. After completing the downloads the itunes mediastore will contain all applications in their most recent free updated versions.

list of applications installed before upgrade:

  • AIM
  • AP Mobile News
  • aSubnet
  • BA Flights
  • Bejeweled 2
  • Bloomberg
  • BookZ Text Reader
  • Epocrates Rx
  • Exposure
  • Facebook
  • Fahrplan
  • Flashlight
  • GarageBuy
  • Go Figure Lite
  • Google Mobile App
  • iTimeZone
  • Mocha VNC Lite
  • NetNewsWire
  • NYTimes
  • Palringo Instant Messenger
  • Pangea VR
  • PayPal
  • PhoneSaber
  • Quicksend
  • Remote
  • Remote Remote GH
  • ShoppingList
  • Tomatoes
  • Twitterrific
  • Units
  • Urbanspoon
  • Vicinity
  • WordPress
  • Zenbe Lists
  • ZIPCodes

I also had iPint or iBeer installed and it disappeared. You really have to keep track of things in regards to the AppStore. Aside during updates the phone rearranges applications, which makes it hard to sort them.

Newly getting some applications:

  • Here I am
  • eReader
  • myTube
  • iPint

[edit] Using

Ok, the iPhone is a mobile phone, so I carry it to make and receive phone calls anywhere. Obvious. Boring.

From the fancy stuff that is part of the device I often use just a few features

  • SMS: Boring. I could live without it, but not everyone has email on their mobile phones, so I use it on occasions. I believe SMS will ultimately die.
  • Email: used often
  • Clock: Actually I do not carry a watch any longer, and use the phone to check the time
  • Timezones: I use the timezone change feature when travelling
  • Alarm clock: When on travel the phone serves as my morning wake alarm
  • Maps: Sometimes. I am annoyed that I can't map pins to contacts, and can't sync with my google account
  • cell network positioning button: sometimes useful, but not very often

AppStore application I want to test or use

  • Wordpress: does not yet work for me, keen to wait for updates solving the issue.
  • Vicinity and Where applications: good to know what is nearby. Will there be a leader in this category?
  • structured data applications: Zenbe, ShoppingList, ...
  • UrbanSpoon: probably will use it some time in the future, but not often
  • IM apps: AIM, Palringo, ...: maybe will use it soon.
  • Tomatoes: movie information
  • Show off stuff: Flashlight, PhoneSaber, iPint
  • Quicksend: will see if I get used to using it. nice idea
  • Zipcodes: use on occassions
  • iTimeZone: definitive in use, due to Apples date and time applications not good enough
  • Bejeweled: I am not into gaming, but on occassions I use this game.
  • BA flights: probably used in coming weeks on my next BA flight.
  • Units: units, currency rates, I regularly use it being in three unit worlds: US, UK, continental europe
  • BookZ: downloaded a few books, looks nice and public friendly to me. Looking forward to actually read some ebooks.
  • I got other apps installed. they didn't make it to be mentioned here. including VNC, hotel, google, netnewswire.

[edit] Issues with iPhone, MobileMe, and Yahoo! for the iPhone

  • Issues that may persist up to now
    • MobileMe: Web user interface does not fully support Firefox
    • MobileMe: Can iDisk be used with Linux?
    • iPhone 3G 16GB: United Kingdom: after a few 'out of stock' visits of online store and several O2 shops for upgrading the existing iPhone contract, situation is frustrating.
    • United Kingdom AppStore: eBay and Loopt applications still not available in the UK AppStore, though adverstised on the Apple UK pages. Odd.
    • Apple communication: Apple is quite bad at open communication about flaws on their recent products launches. This is a bad feedback for the internet generation users.
    • AppStore Application WordPress: does connect but not support my blog, even after recently upgrade to WordPress 2.6
    • Without indication of cause the touchscreen ceases to accept input
    • Without indication of cause, and before timeout, the iphone screen locks
  • Issues resolved shortly after launch
    • MobileMe does not work with Firefox if the usser agent header is not set to internet explorer on windows or similar.
    • Suddenly Yahoo! mail support on the iphone suffered with inability to move messages to folders. Seems to be solved.

[edit] In use functions

  • Yahoo! mail integration. Heavily used. Works good.
  • ActiveSync integration. Works with issues.

[edit] ActiveSync

Contact integration is limited, as it works in a way that even after using mobile number from the ActiveSync source, these phone numbers are later not recognized, and their is also no function to copy, sync, or otherwise relate them to the local contacts stored, and no alternative except manual contact creation if the number should be memorized.

It seems that the activated MS Exchange account or simply the new software reduces instant feedback with the contact application, so it got worse compared to the 1.x iPhone firmware.

Calendar integration seems not to allow to invite attendees to meetings. So meeting requests can't be really done.

Mail is fine.

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