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* Corsica

The island is also known as Corse or Korsika.

Corsica is an island between france and italy in the mediterranean sea.

It is sized about 180 by 90 kilometers with an unique shape. At the same time the island is quite hillside, with 22 montains higher than 2.000 meters, and the highest montain is more than 2.700 meters high, with a skiing season.

The island is famous for his most bespoke former resident, the political and military leader Napoleon. Beside sadly it is also known for a violent nationalistic movement.

Corsica belongs to france and as such to europe, the european union, french being the official language, and the Euro currency.

The history is quite interesting, and those interested in democracy will find fascinating facts in the past.

For further informations see the [wikipedia article for Corsica].

  • My relationship to corse

First of all, independent of anything else, once you see this island, you fell in love with it. And I saw it many times, so my heart and soul simply has to love it.

Also my father is from Corsica, and there is a large family of Ceccaldi residents in Corsica, as I am told more than 1.500 of them. They are active as politicians, hotel owners, ironmonkers, logistics business, authors, media professionals, and much more. Most of the Ceccaldi family members reside in Corsica, some more in continental france, and some others - like me - around the world. I also heard the family is about the fifth's most important and large family on the island.

  • Foreword for the beautiful island
Image:Corse_Flower_1.gif Image:Corse_Flower_2.gif

Kalliste, the "beautiful" or "most beautiful" island is the name the ancient greek gave this island. For the french this is the "Ile de Beaute" - "the island of beauty". This proud and beloving form of worship for an island makes curious. What can the visitor expect there ?

For the one the visitor can find peace and privacy in a lonesome heroic landscape of montains, valleys, woods, and bays, but also agitated creativity, joy in discovering and experiencing of land and people, of cultural remains, maybe the satisfaction of ascenting a mountain top or the endeavour of some days of montain climbing off the beaten track of human artifacts.

Being there you flourish, and at the same time relax and experience. There are not many places on earth where you find such a variety. Each day on this island you discover the same spot again from a different view. Thereby you will be powered through organic local food of extraordinary quality and richness which are prepared following local traditions to a delightful tasting experience. There are few resisting return, most visitors come again.

Culturally you will be surprised how much to find, as all the ancient empires of the mediterranean sea left their traces, let it be street, harbours, fortresses, churches, ancient settlements.

Through the intensity of sensing on this rock in the sea, inspired by the residents and other visitors, many artists decided before and today to act there, so you find all kind of art from all epochs and thoughout the place.

Extreme are also the sportive opportunities, with respect to nature of course. The choices are high in numbers and as every region, time of day and season creates own circumstances for your sport, you can continously find your limits. During your exercise the nature and natural corsican food will charge you to give you a complete balance.

Enjoy your time on this place Your corsican

  • location and dimensions


The island also features the title "Rock in the sea", about 25 kilometers away from the coast rise the top of the montain Monte Cinto in 2706 meters above sea level, another more than 20 montain top rise above 2000 meters. With its large mountain range and a medium hight of 568 meters is Corsica the most mountainous island of the mediterranean sea.

The island Corsica (ital. Corsica, franz. la Corse, german Korsika) belongs to french and is with 8722 square kilometers after sicilia and sardinia the third largest island of the western mediterranean sea. Corsica has about 250.000 residents has so has a quite low residency density of 29 residents per square kilometer. The shape of the island remembers of an ellipsoid and measures from north (Cap Corse) to south (Capo Pertusato) 183 kilometers, from west (Capo Rosso) to east (Phare d´Alistro) 83 kilometers. The island is surrounded to the north by the Liguric sea, in the east and south from the tyrrenic sea, and in the west from the western mediterranean sea.

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