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[edit] Shortcuts

[edit] I love life

  • Some activities I do:
    • learning the local place, in particular culture, art, and history.
    • Movies. I like a broad range of genres, including due to my technocratic nature SciFi.
    • Books and news. I like reading, which takes a dominant part of my free time.
    • Corsica. Read my article and you brim over with enthusiasm.
    • Being together with my partner.
    • Try hard to stay alife for hundreds of years, as life is beautiful.
    • Little bit of sport, used to do more years ago. One of the things that have to change.
    • Holidays. Did I mentioned Corsica before? But the rest of the world is also interesting to spent some lifetimes with travelling.
    • Being a Technocrat. I am not a workaholic, but I am simply passionate about technology, especially in the area of Internet. Some time I spend for this area is definitive part of my life, beyond work. This internet presence is to a good degree a delivery of life not work.
    • Driving BMW. Did I already mentioned I am an Technocrat? See My cars.
    • Feeding cats and get some friendliness back for it.

[edit] Friends

  • Bob Clarke has a nice [Wiki]
  • Bruno Fernandez-Ruiz hasa nice [Blog]
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