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[edit] Service oriented Society

[edit] Summary

The first decade of the 21st century shows an increasing demand for service orientation, where in the world of information technology this is visible through the use of the term SOA - Service Oriented Architecture.

[edit] Terminology

  • For SOA there are various different definitions of the actual meaning and implications.
  • A Society is a group of human beings sharing characteristics and being connected.
  • Service as used here refers to a providers effort giving the consumer a benefit, without transferral of any ownership

[edit] SOIL - Service Orientation Infrastructure Library

Service Orientation brings it's own set of considerations and challenges and uses specific processes.

Inspired by ITIL - the Information Technology Infrastructure Library - it makes sense to maintain a similar library of best practices and conventions to apply these best practices across different environments, customers, industries.

[edit] Conventions

[edit] Terminology

Specifies terms used in the context of an infrastructure containing service oriented components, as they are used within the context of this library. Prominent terms include Service, Provider, and Consumer.

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