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  • See [technocrat definition in Wiktionary].
  • If you are interested in detail about the terminology used please read carefully the ambiguity article in Wikipedia about [Technocracy]. Make up your own mind.
  • Areas of interest from an integral technological, economic, and philosophical perspective
    • Internet Technology
    • Computing Grids and On Demand computing
  • My Models
  • Fancy stuff
  • Gadget stuff
    • BMW 745d
    • iPhone
    • FSC T830 - my verdict: rubbish piece of kit, and rubbish Windows Mobile OS!
    • PS3
    • Adidas 1.1 - Good idea, our pair broke (Is this a single incident or is the technology rubbish?), and Adidas service was rubbish (4 month to replace broken shoes)
    • Smart home technology
    • Wearable computing
    • Old Sony Ericcson P910i - almost good phone
    • Old Amiga 500 - this was a real cool gadget
  • Gadget Software/Hosting for the Hall of Fame
    • JBoss
    • MediaWiki
    • patched NCSA web server - which makes Tim Berners Lee a person in the Hall of Fame - _a_ _patch_ ed NCSA web server = Apache
    • Linux
    • Xen
    • Second Life
    • Java
    • Bourne Shell - incredible lifecycle
  • Brain
  • Lab
  • Open source software for human resource management
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